So you wanna develop a deeper understanding of yourself? Welcome to the club, my friend. I got so sick of stumbling through my own life with this queasy feeling, like I was trying to keep up with something invisible and untrustworthy, that eventually I just… couldn’t. I knew what I did, but I was losing touch with who I was. So I quit my job as an editor in Toronto and fled to Oaxaca, Mexico to centre myself, heal some old wounds, deepen my study of spiritual practices, and start writing my first book.

I’m still very much a student of this stuff, but I’m like that eager student whose notes you can copy. Let me offer you what I know so far.

Astrology and Human Design are incredible tools for helping us understand who we are, on a soul level, and reminding us what we came here to do. We did not come here to suffer. We did not come here to drown. We came here to build a life that holds us, so we can share our gifts with everyone else.


Braden Alexander
Capricorn sun, Taurus moon, Sagittarius rising
Manifesting generator, sacral authority
Prairie boy, oldest child, tender heart

Nice words from people:

It's a special kind of human who is able to call you out on your limiting beliefs and unhelpful patterns while remaining deeply compassionate and gentle, but Braden is such a human. During our session I had so many realizations about myself that are still affecting the way I see myself and the paths I'm choosing to take—and who knows where the ripple effects will end! Braden uses both his deep intuition and practical research skills to produce insights and wisdom that ring true and feel helpful in really profound and healing ways. I am so grateful to know that he is in my corner as a spiritual cheerleader and mirror for my growth, and feel lucky to have experienced a narrative healing session with him.” —Stephanie Pellet

The purpose of these sessions is to help us understand our place in the world, the big lessons we are meant to learn and the work that we have to do on ourselves. I have rarely participated in any kind of spiritual work. It is difficult for me to admit that I require any sort of maintenance. Partly because of this I have been deeply unhappy in the past. I have felt misunderstood, isolated, and limited. This session helped me understand some of the factors that have contributed to these feelings. And today Braden gave me tools to combat those feelings in the future. Tools that I will hopefully be able to utilize in becoming a more productive and understanding person.” —Brett Owen